What is 106th Filipinos Autonomous?


An organization commonly mistaken for a gang whose sole purpose is to prevent pointless street fights in the inner streets of New York City. It's origins can be traced all the way back to 1999 and was finnaly established in early 2006 after 2 people with the same sentiments and past decided to make sure a history like their past would never repeat itself. The organization is led by a group of 6 people. The leader, otherwise known as the "commander", who has more power but still equal is codenamed XIII. The vice-commander is codenamed XVII and the "4 Generals" are designated as XXI, JT(Pi), MDL, and IX. All memebers invoked into the organization are designated a significant number which to call themeselves.

Another name for the 106th Filipinos Autonomous is Terminal

The 106th Filipinos Autonomous are devoted to ending pointless battles

See street, gangs


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