1/8th Jewish

What is 1/8th Jewish?


When one of your friends needs an excuse to be a jew, hes probably 8th jewish. Chances are they are actually just jewish, And want to be able to pretend to like bacon and show generosity when its convenient for them. These types are never wrong, in any discussion, concerning anything, Often discovering entirely new revelations such as: "I'm totally sure 5-meo-DMT is the extracted pure form of DMT" or

"I'm not being a dick, I just found a chick to go to the concert instead.

You: Hey bro, want me to bring some chronic over for you to match?

Him: Nah man, I don't like smoking my weed with people, it makes me uneasy.

Him: But by all means come over and bring yours.

You: Your nose is a little big to be only an 1/8th jewish , Are you sure you don't want to loan me money with ridiculous interest too?

See jew, best friend, reliable, neurotic


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