7th July

What is 7th July?


1. The worst day of my life. Commonly misnamed '7/7' to make it easier to remember for fucking brain dead wankers that weren't there. A terrorist incident where a few fucked up wankers decided to kill ordinary people in London for some obscure fucked up reason to do with religion. Here's a message for all you 'wannabe emotional victims' Stop trying to define what you know sod all about!

I would rather like it if all the sad, pathetic, emotional retards that have no real life, and were not involved in the incidents would refrain from trying to define what they know fuck all about.

"where were you on 7th July"

"sitting in my office in Tavistock square, now Fuck off I don't want to talk about it...you CUNT!"

See 7/7, 9/11, terrorist, war on terror, cunt, pathetic


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