10th Kingdom

What is 10th Kingdom?


A 7 hour long movie (mini series), about a girl named Virginia who is transferred through a magic mirror to a place of nine kingdoms where fairy tales are real. She struggles in her way to find home with her father and Wolf (a wolf who looks like a man, but has a tail and other wolf-like qualities), and a dog named Prince, who is really a Prince in a dog's body. Her adventures lead her to many places and meets many fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Cinderella and a family of Little Bo Peeps.

"I shall name this kingdom...the 10th Kingdom" ~Troll


A fantasy show which follows the tale of Virginia Lewis as she is transported, via a magic mirror, to the fariytale world of the nine kingdoms. She is accompanied by Wolf (a wolf in a man's body), Tony Lewis (her father) and Prince (a real Prince in a dog's body.) These companions must save the kingdoms from the Evil Queen. It's was the best thing on Sky One over Xmas.

Sky One, weekdays, 12pm

Sky Mix, weekdays, 6pm


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