17th Street Soldiers

What is 17th Street Soldiers?


An urban street gang in Orange County, California.

The name 17th Street Soldiers, derives from the main road running directly through the Tustin/ Santa Ana area, although they don't limit to this street.

Neo-nazi in some aspects, 17SS has been known to take agression toward opposing races. Those races being primarily Blacks and Mexicans.

Not yet extremely well known, 17SS originaly formed in late 2006 after a few inner city kids got fed up with seeing their home turf get trashed by violence and gangs.

Originally "FYF" (fuck your freedom) meaning that it doesnt matter what anyone says about the freedom given to minorities to come and go as they please, and that it is ok in society but that its frowned upon in the underground.

The heads of the now 17SS crew are known as the GK or graveyard krew. Unless you are a founding member of FYF, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get to the rank of GK.

FYF/ 17SS is run under a strict and structured hirearchy which promotes and demotes members accoring to a strict set of rules. As one climbs the 'ladder' he, or even she (its very rare that women are inducted into the gang) is let in on more tactical and sensitive information.

Like in most gangs, some members are given "shorts" or nicknames, in an effort to hide their immediate identity. Names such as pYRO and hAVOC have been linked to the 17SS and are both looked at as apparent heads or GK in the gang.

1]"Oh shit man, you ran across the 17th Street Soldiers?.... no wonder you got ur ass fucked up"

2]"17's will tag a fucking bacon wagon if they can get close enough"

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