4th Ward

What is 4th Ward?


Downtown Atlanta including Auburn ave., Boulevard, Edgewood, Pine, Irwin, North ave., and Racine. Jeezy represents the 4th Ward in a few of his songs.

It's STILL 4th ward, bitch! Free Slick Pulla.

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Ghetto in Houston. Was the place where freed slaves settled (aka Freedmen's Town)in Houston.

Fella 1: "Is that boy out da 4?"

Fella 2: Yeah, he from 4th Ward.


the most nigga black section of Paterson NJ.

From Straight st to Madison Ave and from broadway to lafyette st. Formerly know as wrigley park. The epicenter being Godwin and Grahm Ave. Also a major source of heroin and base in North Jersey.

4th ward home to some of the most gangsta niggas in the state.

Yo them niggas in the 4th ward are movin some heavy weight

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is THE ghetto in h-town

ma family sells tacos in 4th ward


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