4th Year

What is 4th Year?


A student in their masters year (perhaps of a mathematics degree) who, due to their familiarity/over experience of the workings of the campus and local area, has devloped a level of smoothness and desceptive confidence that most women find irresistable. Gentlemen who are truly skilled in the ways of the '4th' may opt to use the deadly 'kid that got picked last in P.E.' technique whereby women percieve them as such a low threat due to their unworldly aura and gaunt physique that they take pitty, letting down their defences and making them an easy target. It is unclear whether or not there is a woman that a '4th year' would turn down, but their is one thing for sure and that is that if he does go home with a girl, he'll make sure no one else has any chance of finding out.

Bloke 1: dude, did you see where that girl went that I was just getting off with?

Bloke 2: yeh she was just talking to that 4th year, over by the... hey where'd she go?!?!

Girl the next morning: uhhh my head is spinning, hey you've got rock band!!

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