[the Bible]

What is [the Bible]?


Ancient document written over a period of several thousand years mostly by Hebrew peoples. It chronicles the events and travels of the people sometimes with terribly violent results. It also exposes their human errors that most often come with disastrous consequences. There is a great deal of history, especially the book of Daniel which clearly predicts the great kingdoms that would rule over Europe until the fall of the Roman Empire. That book was written several hundred years before the kingdoms existed therefore giving a great deal of credibility to the author. It clearly predicts conditions of the world just before the reign of man is ended. The frequency and severity of storms, earthquakes, wars, and famine are signs that are now too apparent to ignore.

Yes we have always had those calamities but never in such frequency as now.

The Biblepredicts that disasters will be far more frequent toward the end of the earths time.

Just noticing the news will demonstrate how hurricanes, earthquakes and such are occurring far more often than even just 30 years ago. The earth is literally being torn apart.

See history, violence, disaster, earthquake, hurricane, famine


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