[the Fourty Foot]

What is [the Fourty Foot]?


1)Place in Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin, Ireland where people go to swim.

2)Somewhere you go to swim in order to ensure an inability to become erect for 5 days.

3)A place where girls go to swim in order to make their nips visible only to tease the poor impotent fuckers!

1)Mmmmm..lets go to "The fourty Foot" for a dip and to get rid of that bangin hangover

2)Man im done with chicks im so going to the fourty foot.

Guy: "Im sorry babes i dunno whats happening?"

Girl: "Oh god you dont find me attractive anymore, do you Dan?? Am i fat???"

Guy: "No jesus of course not...umm.. (Finally i can get rid of her)"

3)Girl:"Perfect way to get Dan back..."

See impotence, dumping, cold, water, shithole


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