$till Legendaryu2k

What is $till Legendaryu2k?


this is the name of a well known internet troll. He goes to performance computing forums and desires the slowest computer possible to play games on, including Crysis.

He believes that slower framerates are better and that faster framerates actually speed up the game.

He is best known for going to computer forums seeking build advice, completely rejecting all offers for help instead calling people stupid and claiming they don't understand, then buying the slowest parts still on sale for a higher price than parts more than twice as fast.

To this day, it is unknown whether he is a troll or more likely has a mental disability. A quick google search however will turn up postings dating back to 2007.

other forum members: buy an e5200 and a gtx260. That'll be pretty cheap, and you'll be able to handle any game out there! only 300 bucks too.

$till legendaryu2k: no! I come here for advice and all you people do is tell me what to buy? You're all idiots! I'll buy this single core amd system for $317.

See idiot, troll, epic fail, fail, mentally ill, learning disability


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