What is /topic?


End topic.

When a topic lacks, sucks, has been ruined by idiots, OR! someone has posted something so brilliant, there is no need for foruther posting.

ex. 1

Poster 1: Hey sup guys?

Poster 2: ur mom

Poster 3: /topic

ex. 2

Poster 1: The other day I was helping a friend move out, and I saw his mom naked.

Poster 2: Ho shit, was she hawt?

Poster 1: Yep. She (insert discriptive things about her hawtness).

Poster 3: You're fucking sick, not to mention lame.

Poster 1: GTFO of my thread, douchewhore.

Poster 3: No. You fail at life.

Poster: Nice going, you fucked up the thread.


See /topic, topic, end


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