What is [ucem]?


a question or an expression

a slang for...you see em; you see it; you see that' you saw that; a question; any question;

also an expression in the crazy thought of mind where you just go. no fear no care; no think; expression of one's doing; epression one's self; expression of one's life style;


1.u see it, to the left, ucem, right there...u no cem yet?

2.check out that car, ]ucem]? that's mean, that's tight, that's nice.

3.ucem, right in front of u...


1.that not how u take a hit, this is how......."taking hit".......ucem!!!

that's how.

2.expression of one's doing..ucem !!! no think...

3.expression one's life style..ucem!!!just go

See question, statement


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