What is [ufantastic]?


An "UFANTAZIUM" is a adjective or an adverb describing something that there is no other adequate description for in the dictionary, and the thing being described has no other definition that amply suits it's unordinary description; or that makes it explicit to what one is saying or seeing; other than the new word, or the new combination of ordinary words that you have coined for describing it. But that nevertheless is understood by those to whom you are speaking; or writing about the subject matter unto.

Or still yet the higher spirit within us is the inebriated proof of an intoxicating intellectual beverage that is enlightening us with truths that are consuming our mind and it's soul from within, and furthermore the reality of our intangible internal spirit is even made to be more substantial for those of us who are equipped by God with the insight to see, and the introspection to be able to reach far into the infinite abilities of our soul; in order to search for unanswered questions of life and death within the abysmal darkness of our heart, and to find these answers within the uncharted regions of the cognitive light of truth that desires to become pervasive within our mind; by the use of the aphorisms of our UFANTASTIC extensions. For the word spirit even means a region of the extraterrestrial sky to some celestial stargazers as myself. And very possibly by UFANTAZIUM this statement is truth; because that the accepted truths of our times tells us that the ultimate and infallible presence of Spirit is omnipresent within God in all times, and within all places of the phases of the evolutionary creation of our soul, and the universe therein.

See fantastic, eccentric, chimerical


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