What is 7-up?


Describing the act where a woman has sex with 7 men at once/one after the other. Taken from the soft drink.

Sarah went 7-up with me and six mates last night.

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1)clear, lemon-lime soda, sometimes used to settle the stomach

2)a game (usually played in grade school classrooms) in which there are 7 people "up" in front and who must silently walk around room pushing down the thumbs of those remaining in their seats with their heads down and sticking up thier thumb. Those whose thumbs are down must then guess who pushed said thumb.

1) I drank six 7-ups earlier, and i think i'm going to yak.

2) Our game of 7-up had to be called off because Billy had on his x-ray glasses.

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Clean clear pop, lemon-limey flavored, taste good going down.

The green version is good too.

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the way a bitch deserves to be treated (a.k.a. not at all)

"I treat a bitch like 7-up: I never have I never will." -Snoop Dogg

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Used to describe a person with missing teeth and a really bad smile.

He has 7-up teeth. 7 up and 1 down.


The term used to describe gravy served in The Trearddur Bay Hotel.

"Damn dude this shit tastes like 7-UP!?"


a game in which life skills are used;

also at which rob sucks at

also which emily is godly

rob sucks at 7up

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