What is ^v^?



Is a common Macrofor a bat.

He is also known as "Macro Bat"

Macro Bat is also known for disrupting a conversation for randomly appearing, though his dream is to fly in real life, he is forever trapped online, but always keeps a smile on his face.

He enjoys flying into conversations, random YTMNDsites, and emails.

His favorite thing to do is listen to 80's and 90's music and heavily dislikes rap because of the bass.


Philip: Today I got a Nintendo Wii, though a PS3 would be nice I just don't have 640 dollars."

Dani: I'm sorry.

Philip: It's alright, I have an xbo ^v^...

Dani: Ugh, Macro bat.

See ^v^, bat, macro, macrobat, online


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