What is /v/?


Video Game board of 4chan. While techinically a worksafe board, /v/ is anything but. A better description would be to call it /b/ with vidya gaems.

/v/irgins are rooted in the ideals of console fanboyism at its worst. To troll /v/ is no more difficult than simply saying "I like insertconsole" and wait for the oncoming shitstorm from Nintendrones, Sonyfags, and Xbots.

Many differnt genres of gaems are discussed on /v/ including shootan gaems, fightan gaems, and Battletoads.

Types of discussions found in /v/

Xbot! 33%! Can't Finsh The Fight!

Sonyfag! PSTriple! 599 US Dollars! RIIIIDGE RACER!

Nintendrone! 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 8.8 JAPAN TIEM Confirmed for Brawl FINAL DESTINATION

"Hey guise, I like all 3"

GTFO Idort

See /v/irgin, /b/, 4chan, idort


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