[vacant Hanger]

What is [vacant Hanger]?


this works best with a girl and a guy, but you can substitute same sex and some farm animals.

vacant hanger: is the male in an standing position, and the female is on all fours and, they are both faceing each other. The male inserts himself in the oral orface,ie.(mouth) and bends his torso over the females head. while grasping her buttox. And thrusting his pelvis. finally he mildly spanks her and positions his face in her posterier while enjoying her natural gravy. (but he must be mindful of the gag factor.)

tim: hey Mike,

Mke: whats up

Tim: i just got a great deal on a vacant hanger.

Mike: really, were

Tim: around the corner with ashley.

Mike: how was it?

Tim: it was the deal of a life time!!!!!!

See vacant, hanger, buttox, gag, torso


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