What is #78violet?


The new name of the pop/rock duo "Aly & AJ," which consists of the older sister, Alyson Renae Michalka and Amanda Joy Michalka. Aly and AJ decided to change their name to #78violet in the year 2009. Why? Because 7 is Aly's favorite number and 8 is AJ's. And violet just means a lot to them as a color and is also AJ's favorite color. Changing the name to #78violet shows how Aly & AJ are developing as musicians with a different sound from five years ago.

Aly & AJ have always wanted a name rather than the obvious "Aly & AJ" but they wanted it to be really special. They went with "Aly & AJ" due to the worry that they might not have chosen the right name and this name was understandable and "safe."

Person #1: "When is Aly & AJ's new album coming out?"

Person #2: "Well their new name now is #78violet."

Person #1: "Same thing."

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