What is -widow?


A girl who is frequently neglected by her boyfriend becuase of any given extracurricular activity of his.


Rock Widow: Girl whose boyfriend never spends time with her becuase he is with his band

Frat Widow: Girl whose boyfriend is always at his frat house

Weed Widow: Girl whose BF spends 90% of his life smoking weed

Track Widow: Girl whose BF trains for track constantly

Pre-Med Widow: Girl whose BF is premed and therefore always studying

Cock Widow: Girl whose BF is secretly gay and gettin' cock

Susie: Bryan can't go to prom with me. He's gonna be in Baja for a surf competition.

Betsie: Hah, Surf Widow! Sucks for you.

Adrianne: Hey, where is my goddamn boyfriend?

Christie: I'm sorry to tell you, but I believe you've become a Coke Widow. He's doing lines in the bathroom.

Simply insert the offending activity into "-widow".

See hockey widow


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