What is !wk!!?


The call of a wookie, usually in distress.

In modern conversation, it is designed to be used by one who is distressed about what someone has messaged you. Or, if someone says something foolish to you.

<User is busy and multitasking>

<Friend> Hey, want to hear a funny joke from this forward I just got???

<User> !WK!!


The call of the noble wookiee. !wk!! is the only english translation for the call.

Little Billy: "Did you hear that?

Little Tommy: "What..?"

<Wookiee jumps out from behind tree>

Wookiee: "!WK!!"


(noun) The wook, aka Spicy Chu.

"What is the !WK!! doing today?"


<Person 1> "Hey look, here comes the !wk!!"

<Person 2> "Get mah gun!"


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