What is 0wnage?


A person, place, or thing that 0wns an extreme degree.

Hey Timmy, severedband is the site for that really 0wnage band, Severed.

See Justin


1)used on halo...when you kill some one out of the blue and they quit because of it....ownage.

2)used on forums...when some one says something dumb and you correct them ....ownage.

1) new002: guys i keep on geting killed

heavyoak: who keeps on killing you?

new001: I do!

new001 was killed by heavyoak.

new001 quit.

new002: Thats 0wnage.

Heavyoak: woot!

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its the same as owned... meaning as in you kill sum1,

its mostly used in runescape

this is an example of it being used "0wnage pl0x0rz"

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