What is 0wned?


Getting 0wned, 0wnd, or 0wnzd means getting your arse severely beaten, either mentally, physically, emotionally or other. A word often used by those who deem themselves to be of the l33t status.

dude 1 gets beaten on video game

dude 1: damn, I got 0wned

dude 1: Haha! you got 0wned! *is laughing at the misery and humiliation of dude 2*

*dude 1 gets totally blown out in a heated discussion* SHIT! he totally 0wned me!


1) adj., An individual who has had their identify or life activities compromised by another, usually someone 31337.

2) A computing facility that has been entirely compromised, usually in terms

of integrity, due to 31337 activities.

If you don't believe you're 0wned yet, here, let me post your credit report and

recent pr0nrentals, after I turn your phones off.

See T.D.


Being beaten in a humiliating fashion, often at an online game such as Counterstrike or Team fortress

rah.. 0wned!


0wned - the act of beating someone at a game that has no effect on anything

I just 0wned you. mwhahaha.

See Deckard Cain


A wordl33t wordterm for the state of having been successfully hacked.

I just 0wned your server! I'm so l33t!


When you are driving or otherwise showing off your ownership of a Ferrari, particularly by also wearing Ferrari clothing and shoes, see Ferrari fag, and a Lamborghini pulls up.

I saw this cat at the car show all decked out in his Ferrari wardrobe next to his 360 when up comes a green Lamborghini Murcielago; man, that dude got 0wned!

See ferrari, lamborghini, 0wn3d, pwnage


A l33t term for the state of having been successfully hacked.

I just 0wned your server! I'm so l33t!


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