What is 0wnz0r?


To gain root access to a computer, thereby allowing one to use it in any way one pleases.

My box was 0wnz0r3d by script kiddies last night because I forgot to install the latest patch.


To complete and utterly dominate someone or something.

johan 0wnz0rs Lech and K2, aswell as their moms.

See chewie


To completely and utterly dominate. Mostly used as a reference to victory in multi-player games.

"d0nT m4k mi 0wnz0r j00 ph00."

See 48


To Rule.

Lech and k2 0wnz0r!

See Bob


To own, or to pw33n. To defeat in competition by a wide margin

I 0wnz0red Pixagen in Urban Terror.


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