What is 'woe-is-me'ing?


(v.) The act of feeling sorry for yourself for no particular reason, save for the fact you have nothing to keep your mind off your past.

Yeah I was down at the coffee house, 'woe-is-me'ing with my friends.


"Woe is me" is in fact the correct usage, "woe" being the subject of the sentence and "me" being the object. Grammar aside, it is also a direct quote from the Bible and Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is an exclamation of sorrow and misfortune. The verb "woe-is-me"ing is a modern adaptation of this meaning to express said sorrow and misfortune to others. Glorified moaning, perhaps.

Ophelia: "O, woe is me, T'have seen what I have seen, see what I see!" - William Shakespeare, Hamlet. You might almost say Ophelia was 'woe-is-me'ing... if you wanted to make Shakespeare turn in his grave.

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Actually this means nothing because the grammer is incorrect. Really, its "woe is I." if you dont believe it, look it up. So dont say 'woe-is-me'ing it you dont want to sound stupid to kids younger than you!

woe is i, not woe is me, and definately not 'woe-is-me'ing

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