[world Of Darkness

What is [world Of Darkness?


copyrighted name for gothic-Occult(no not goth you idiot) games that are very dark and depressing,games include,werewolf the apocalypse,vampire the masquerade, mage the dark ages. granted that it is adults only horror i recomend it for the most mature, werewolf 18 and under(just watch it most of it can get pretty gross) that is of course of you don't have any problem with the swearing in the books. white-wolf and worldofdarkness

game rival of TSR(c) that always pushes the envelope and makes TSR(c) look bad by they not being able to publish the same stuff,case in point you'll see stuff in the books that would turn the editing and legal department at TSR (c) as pale as ghosts. And banned at most hobby stores nation-wide.


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