What is 5x5?


Actually, it is a radio term but it means Loud and Clear, not I hear you and you hear me.

RTO 1: I've got you 5X5.

RTO 2: Roger, I've got you lima charlie.

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Used in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" by the character Faith, the second slayer to mean all is good

"Are you good to go?"

"All is 5x5"

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It is an old Radio operator term. It means, I can hear you fine (five)and you can hear me fine (five). 5x5

I got u 5x, How me? I got you back 5x. So the signal is considered 5x5.

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another way to say true blue but more to the point being sharp, not soft.

That girl is 5x5 and very easy on the eyes.

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