What is


Another form of "heart".

.. like <3 (meaning love or an image of a heart) or </3 (meaning and showing a broken heart)..

This one implies that there is no love; and is a basic image of a heart with an "X" through it. As if the person wants nothing more to do with what the world calls love at the moment.

person1: i love you..

person2: ....... im sorry..

person1: </3....... :(

person2: i dont want to hurt you.. i just dont want to get involved with all that again.. not right now at least. <X3


A form of internet heart. Whilst </3 means brokenheart, <X3 means fixed heart.

John: Omg, you whore :P

Leah: =O <////3 *fake pain*

John: I am sorry.


John: ='( <333 SORRY, I love you.

Leah: <X3

See <3, </3, emo


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