2x4 Or 2 By 4

What is 2x4 Or 2 By 4?


a drinking game similar to beer pong , but played on a coffee table. each opponent sits in a chair at either end. 4 cups are arranged within a boundary taped of on the table, at your end of the table in any placement u want. then 2 beers are filled within the 4 cups, hence the name 2x4 everything corrilates. once the cups are arranged the first player to go must bounce the ball in attempt to sink that cup, upon making a cup the challenger has a chance to rebutle if he/she does the cup stays if he/she fails to rebuttle then the cup must be drank imedialty and place anywhere across center line but not in the opponents boundary for cups. this is a handicap to attempt to block the opponents next shot. however it gets tricky if the shooter bounces twice and makes it that is two cups, but once the second bounce the opponent cant then swat the shot. the game continues on as follows until the last cup is made.

2x4 or 2 by 4 is a drinking game similar to beer pong.

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