What is 2x .own Coutry Server?


used in internet gameing, 2x .(own coutry server) means that a clan chooses to play all two maps of the clanwar on a server of theyr own country, because of takeing a very high ping advantage on your clan.

thats a lamebehaviour condamned by most.

cunt&noob pops into the #narf irc-channel

(cunt&noob): NARF|Matic wanna cw?

(NARF|Matic): sure, one map each?

(cunt&noob): mmmm what about 2x.fi? our servers rules

(NARF|Matic): why 2x .(own coutry server)? guess 1 each is more fair.. isn't it?

(cunt&noob): mmm naahh

(NARF|Matic): omg stfu and gtfo my internets, noob!!!!!

cunt&noob was kicked from the channel

See lame


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