What is Xinxin?



the cutest, sweetest, most kind girl straight outta China. she loooves chicken and is the chicken monster. xinxin follows her own religion, xinxinlism. she says peeehpoal instead of people, sesi instead of sexy, blouwnde instead of blonde and shoop instead of soup. and orangey juice instead of orange juice. she is basically cooler than everyone.

omg! everyone loves a xinxin!

xinxin's bringing sexy back.

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The Chinese translation of the 'chav' sub-species in Britain. Usually found congregating around the North Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, the 'xinxin' can often be found answering to such English names as Tracy, or Great Wall Wine, mirroring the fondness among chavs for being named after alcoholic beverages (ex: Chardonnay).

'Dude, that girl is totally a Xinxin.'

'Don't go to Huaxia Jia Yuan in Beijing. Only xinxins live there.'

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