What is Xio?


"Kisses, Boners, and Hugs."

Used as an alternative to xoxo

"Happy Valentine's Day, darling. I love you so much!

Xio, John"

See xio, xo, kisses, hugs, boners


a word of power and/or skill in many arts.....bitch!

"that guy's a fuckin xio!

See Preston


A very talented skinner for doom 3. His skinpack made "Gamestar magazine" in the September 2004 issue. Possibly one of the best Revamper/Reskinner there is.

Have you tryed out Xio's new skinpack for Doom 3 ?


Someone who can easily get in Justin Verrier's pants.

He disses IWWF

Makes IWA

Comes back due to being kicked out/being a brat in general

Disses IWWF some more

Leaves goes back to IWA

Comes back

<Insert what you think> I think he fucked him

Sopped in IWWF


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