What is Xiphoid?


Sword-shaped object

My xiphoid of justice pierced your weak coil of evil

See larstait


Xiphoid, also known as a Retractable Forearm Dagger, is a class of weapons with a blade that is retractable into a forearm worn wristband or bracer sheath.Designed for swift and quick surprise attacks.

Xiphoid is used with other wrist-mounted weapons: claw xiphoid, gun xiphoid, spike xiphoid

Weapons know as Xiphoids include wrist-blades, forearm-swords, wrist-spikes, wrist-crossbow, wrist-flamethrower,hidden sleeve gun rigs, etc.

In the movie "Hellboy" the character Kroenen snaps out a pair of bladed xiphoids to fight with.

See wristblades


the Xiphoid is part of the Sternum

My Xiphoid is hurting, quick get some water!!

See medical, bones, neck bones, birds


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