What is Xkcrumblesleaighyphiousy?


A highly contagious disease, which may lead to death and or life long paralyzing state.

Symptoms may include:



-constant loss of body parts

-if you fall asleep randomly

-if you are unable to stay awake for 81 and a half hours straight

-if your a virgin

-if you passed kindergarten


-smoke weed

-get highly addicted to heroine and or cocaine

-rape a goat

-soak your self in battery acid

-eat tons of peanut butter(with malaria)

-dump syrup over your head

-drink antifreeze

-just joking, don't do that and if you did stop hear cause your gonna die.

-with any questions please consult dr.qoonansmergual at dr.qoonansmergual5@yahoo

Gretchen was speedy down the street when her leg locked up and she tripped over a boulder and crashed violently to the ground as both her arms flew off flowed by her left leg which rocketed in the other direction. As she was bleeding on the ground her head slowly rolled off her body and her fingers crawled away slowly. This angered the head so much that it started to yell at nearby people to try and catch her stubborn hands and fingers. It was then Gretchen realized she had xkcrumblesleaighyphiousy.

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