What is Xlape?


Pronounced "Zlaype" (as in rape)

For background information, see "Xlap".

A "Xlape" is the action of "owning" someones " foice" by the deliverence of a "Xlap". It could be considered a more powerful form of the "Xlap".

Once the "Xlap" has been applied and the receiver is (preferably) unconscious, the one who applied the "Xlap" can be said to have "Xlaped" the other. It is important to note here that: "Xlapped" is pronounced "Zlapped" and is the past tense of "Xlap"

: "Xlaped" is pronounced "Zlayped" and is the past tense of "Xlape"

Me: That can only be described as Xlape.

Poon: Yeah, I Xlapped his ass good.

Me: It wasn't just Xlapping, it was a Xlaping.

See xlap, foice, slap, owned, gloit


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