What is Xm?


XM which is an abbreviation of the word EXTREEEMMMEEE! from "Harold and Kumar go To White Castle"

Holy Shit Man, That Jump Was XM


1.an abbreviation for EXTREMMME! from the movie "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle"

2. Also for uses such as sweet, nectar, extreme

Holy Shit Man, That Jump Was XM!


The US's leading satellite radio service. XM will offers 121 channels of digital satellite radio as of March 1, 2004.

"I am a XM freak. I listen to XM 24 hours a day."


Satellite Radio service has been providing digital audio streamed to XM ready receivers since 2001. Currently has 6,000,000 plus subscribers who receive more than 160 channels. Premier content includes personalities such as Snoop Dog, Bob Dylan, and Bob Edwards, while also providing excellent shows such as Artist Confidential and Opie and Anthony.

Okay that was a legitamate definition. As a bonus, I will now define Sirius satellite radio:

Sirius Satellite Radio is a dumbass waste of low orbit satellite traffic that will probably go under as soon as they open up their check book to pay HOOHOO-Has-Been-Stern his first 100,000,000.00 check. Sirius offers 120 channels of digital music, unmatched NFL coverage, and a vile of aids infected blood to inject into your veins once you find out how shitty and and pathetic its audio content really is. Listen with joy and unmatched euphoria as you enjoy channels that may or may not play music that fits within the parameter of the Channel genre. Watch with awe as your brand new $300.00 S-50 Portable unit refuses to turn on because of the shoddy craftsmenship of Sirius's thirdrate manufacturer "Directed Electronics". Excercise those jaw muscles, for they will surely drop once you find out that your 300 dollar portable unit DOES NOT receive live satellite feed, but rather "Pre Recorded" audio that you have to load via the home antenna kit. And for you Howard Stern fans! You'll be entertained for hours on end as Howard bitches about how the government is still trying to censor him. Watch as he cleverly invents new reasons and explanations as to why he is incapable of doing a funny, intelligent, entertaining program. And watch as he explains to his fans how he is only going to do a show for 4 days a week and only 9 months a year. But dont fret! There's always Bubba the Love sponge! Whats that you say? Howard hates Bubba? Not anymore! Howard loves the sponge! Forget all those nasty comments he made about him in the past. Everything is dandy for these two shock jocks who never go back on their word and always stick to their guns.

Dude #1: Check out my new Sirius radio!

Dude #2: Does the forklift you need to transport it with come with a car kit?

Dude #1: No, but the manual came attached with a revolver with instructions to insert it into my mouth.

Dude #2: Does Sirius have Opie and Anthony?

Dude #1: No XM has it, Sirius has Howard Stern.

Dude #2: The same Howard Stern who admits he has been un-entertaining for the last 10 years?

Dude #1: Uh yeah, but dude! Hes fucking Howard!

Dude #2: Yeah, and hes also an unfunny 51 year old jewish douche bag who cant remember how to do a decent radio show.

Dude #1: I think I'll go sell my Sirius stock now

Dude #2: Good idea.

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