What is Xma?


Xtreme Martial Arts

Usually a combination of the most aesthetically pleasing moves from multiple martial arts, strongly based off of wushu and tae-kwon-do 'trick moves' (see tricking). Many of these tricks are very difficult to pull off and require extensive training and 'set-ups' such as the illusion, butterfly kick, and the j-step. Some XMA artists are Steve Terada, Tony Jaa, and John Eigo.

Some XMA moves: Tornado Kick, Butterfly Kick, Butterfly Twist, Raiz, Sideswipe, Snapu-swipe, 360 Gyro, Hyperswipe, Hypertwist, Aerial-twist, Fei-long kick, Au-batido, Masterswipe, Flashkick, J-step Gainer and many others...

Cool guy A "Hey dude, check out my B-twist!"

Friend "Dude that move is the shizz, you could get all the ladies with it!"

See tricking, tricks, martial arts, gymnastics, wushu


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