What is Xmas?


An abbreviation for Christmas, from the Greek spelling of Christ, the first letter of which was chi ("X").

Merry X-mas.

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Contrary to popular belief, the X in X-Mas was not made up by the secular heathens in California (no attack intended). X-Mas was a shorter version of Christmas, first used in Europe around the 1500s. In Greek, Christ's name started with an X, Xristos. Thus, it is literally, "Christ-mas", or "Christ's Mass".

X-mas = Christmas

So, you are not offending God when you say Xmas.


It just means Christmas. It's easier to write if you put an X. No one is trying to take the precious CHRIST out of Christmas. For God's sake, lighten up. Your religion's not going to die because we say Xmas instead of Christmas.

"Merry Xmas, Mr. SupersensitiveChristian."

"Get out of my house, Devilchild."


Shortened form of Christmas. Some will tell you that this abbreviation "takes the Christ out of Christmas" but you should not listen to these people since they are probably right-wing zealots who will try to convert you.

Xmas makes poor kids cry when they realize the rich kids get all the good toys, all the good clothes, and all the good cars.

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Abbreviated form of Christmas. The letter "X" was used by ancient Christians under persecution as a sign of their faith, being a physical representation of the cross. Underground meeting spots usually had an "X" marked on the sidewalk in front. Since celebrating Christmas was illegal and could result in martyrdom, Xmas was an acceptable name for the holiday.

Some super-conservative Christians are so uneducated on their faith's history that you wonder how they can have the balls to persecute others based on spelling, i.e., X-mas.

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Atheists, secular or non-believers exclusion of Christ in the reference to the holiday commonly known as Christmas.

Merry Xmas Everyone

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Word that overly sensitive non-Christian people use to take the prefix "Christ" out of Christmas. That would be like Christians referring to Hanukkah as x-ukkah, or saying x-dha instead of Buddha. It's pretty stupid and people should just use the correct term. No one says you have to believe in order to write or pronounce an important holiday for a certian group of people correctly.

You're invited to an x-mas party at my place in mid-town.

how about...

You're invited to a Christams party at my place in mid-town.

or better yet..

You're invited to a holiday party at my place..

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