What is Xmod?


Xmods are a new 1/28th scale mini RC car sold exclusively through Radio Shack stores. They have fully proportional steering and throttle and cost about $50 for a complete kit. They are similar to the Kyosho Mini-Z. Xmods are very popular for the new comers of rc cars, or for people who want something thats cheap, upgradeable, and very fast. People should note that they shouldn't compare an xmod to a miniz because it would be like comparing a bike to a hummer, each has its own pros and cons but they are in different leagues of their own. If you wanna go all out and hard core, get a miniz.

john: my miniz was 200$

brad: well my xmod was 39.99 for the complete kit, urs may be faster but who the hell needs a 200$ mini car?!

See xmod, xmods, radioshack, evo


Miniuture RC car made by radioshack. That costs 50 dollarz. But is pw3ned by Mini-z

OMG mai xmod doesen't pw3n yur mini-z


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