What is Xmode?


(pronounced "ECKS-MOAD") n., adj. (XModian), v. (XModing) usage uncommon.

An XMode is a person who listens to a particular strain of nu-metal, often with depressing lyrics and references to self mutilation. Common features include goatees, cargo pants (or three-quarter shorts), body piercings and an assortment of tatoos, or all of the above. Breakdancing is optional.

XModes are known to drive troublesome Italian vehicles with sub-par paint. XModes are also very sensitive to heat and addicted to coffee. Alcohol of choice is Vodka with caffeinated energy drinks, preferably from a mineral water container.

"Such a lonely day, and it's mine" -- Common Xmode song lyrics

See xmode, nu-metal, metal, brava, fiat, max, rock


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