What is Xo?


XO - hugs and kisses

Actually, it's kiss (X) and hug (O)

I'll see you soon Julie,


See JD


Blow Jobface, the nice little face your girl makes when she blows you.

Did you see her XO?? it was the sexiest thing ever!!

See sex, fellatio, oral sex, head


Executive Officer of an army unit. Normally the second in command of a unit as small as a company and as large as a brigade. The XO is responsible for the staff, logistics, maintenance and basically making sure everything runs smooth for the commander. At the company level its usually a 1LT, battalion level a MAJ and brigade a LTC. At higher echelon units, the XO is called the deputy commander or assistant division commander.

"The XO wants all the vehicles squared away before the long weekend"

"You better get your 4187 signed by the commander before he goes on leave otherwise you'll have to play 20 questions with the XO when he is the acting commander"

See army, command, maintenance, staff, company, brigade


LeATHERMOUTH's debut album of 2009.

XO is fucking amazing.

See music, leathermouth, screaming, punk, anger


Emote-icon. Guy with scrunched-up eyes in shock.

<Bloke1> I shagged your mum 8D

<Bloke2> Xo

See Dogbert


extacy pills

gone off them xo's in the club.


Patron's Pyrat XO Reserve


eXtra Old Cognac/Brandy

"Professional drinking XO hold up wait a minute..."

Flo Rida

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