What is Xorz?


Common suffix used to add flare to your sentence or phrase. Often used in context with 1337 speak.

OMfg!! You fking N00bX0rZ!!?! I am the 1337 m4573rxorz.


an expression used in leet speak to indicate one's own low intelligence,

which means, literally, "I'm a dumbass".

"|_| 5uxorz n00b" means:

You suck I'm a dumbass noob.

See leet, keystroker, dumbass, 1337, pathetic


Suffix used to add impact in l33t speak. Its origins seem tied to orz, meaning that the affected person is somewhat pleading mercy to the action the author does (see shape and definition of orz).

It rocks -> It r0x -> It r0xxorz

u n00b stfu i r0xxorz!!!1!

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