What is Xosser?


Derivative of the shocker, but using the familiar heavy metal "devil horns" hand sign instead. The Xosser is performed as follows: Put hand in the "devil horns" metal symbol and open a direct channel to the powers of hell/metal. Insert index finger in vagina and pinky in anus. Let out a powerful falsetto wail similar in style to King Diamond or possibly Tom Araya of Slayer, if that is more your style. Named after extreme metal drummer Xos of the black metal band Algol, Near Dark, and others who claims to have performed this action to the delight of many females. (Pronounced "Zohsser")

"I am totally gonna give that bitch the Xosser." As verb: "I am gonna Xos the shit out of that bitch."

See shocker, rocker, black metal, falsetto


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