What is Xoxo Azn Babie Gucci Gucci?


azngirl fobs or abcs who absolutely have to advertise where they get their clothing. you may see many of them in guess, bebe, benetton, gucci, ect... t-shirts and tight skirts or pants. they also tend to be short, have their hair dyed blonde (!!!), carry purses from fendi, coach, gucci, and LV with the logos displayed prominently and date hongersor ricers.

beware this species can be very ghettoand think that they're ghetto fabulous. most of them tend to congregate in major cities with a huge aznpopulation (LA, NYC, ect...) but can also be found in the midwest.

they will also have internet handles such as sxybabiegurl, angelbaybe ect...

i can't believe that xoxo asian babie gucci gucci girl won't f*in shut up!!


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