What is Xpeeps?


An adult social networking site that works much like myspace. Xpeeps is popular because it is free and allows users to post nude pictures of themselves and others. 60% of the "hott" girls you meet on Xpeeps are actually guys, 25% are actually ugly girls posing as attractive ladies, 10% are pornstars, and the remaining 5% are nymphos who live to far from you to do any good. Xpeeps is a pretty disgusting place that runs rampant with fake user profiles, adult banners, graphic comments, and pictures of guys ejaculating on pictures of girls. Myspace and Xpeeps also share the same ridiculous amount of error pages which appear at random all the time.

Guy 1: "Dude, wouldn't that be awesome if they had a site like myspace but with naked pictures"

Guy 2: "They do, its called Xpeeps. But its overrun by perverts, freaks, and fakes."

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