Xperia X1

What is Xperia X1?


sony ericssons first smartphone with windows mobile.

HTC made the device itself and helped SE a lot with the x1.

it has the unique panel inteface but can also run every other interface for windows mobile. tf3d, spb shell, pointui home2, Bell UI, winterface, wisbar advance and desktop and so on...

the x1 comes with windows mobile 6.1

some say x1 tried to kill the iphone but this 2 phones are so different you cant comare them in any way. in hardware the x1 wins even trough it has no accelometer and no multi touch screen. the x1 is 100% customizable because it runs windows mobile no itunes, which suck ass. the iphone is way easier to handle, jailbreak is easy as hell. and the iphone hardware and software fit perfect together so it runs clean with (almost) no bugs.

the big problem about the x1 is that SE wont create more panels. if we look at these 35.000 iphone apps, x1 clearly looses.

guy: sony ericssons xperia x1 is a damn nice smartphone

i fag: iphone is better, iphone is the best phone ever

guy: stfu apple fanboy

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