What is Xplay?


Hip, funny, video game culture and review show with two great hosts, Adam "Video Gaming Stud" Sessler and Morgan "Gorgeous Gamer with geek sheik fashion style" Webb

Watch it on TechTV and you will see a great example.

See Lee


Video game review show on G4. Basically, it's hosted by the two luckiest people on earth, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. Completely impartial reviewers, they know no boundaries

Those guys on xplay are waaaay funnier than those guys on Attack of the Show.

See g4, video games


Televsion show about videogames which is the new version of Extended Play. Only with a crappy co-host Morgan and Adam being stupid as ever.

Have you seen the new Xplay in which they just ramble on about how much they hate the industry?

See hitokiri


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