What is Xplororor?


Noun: slang fr. explore, explorer Term denoting a specific type of intended playstyle used by a player in computer games. This slang term is notably used in RPG (role playing games) and MMORPG (massive multi-player role playing games) computer games.

First coined by Febuary 2000 by a certain internet gamer. The playstyle of XplOrOrOr, of xploooring, is distinctivly different from other playstyles such as PvE (Player vs Enviorment), PvM (Player vs Mob/Monster), PvP (Player vs Player), Crafter, Merchant, etc...

- XplOrOrOr: Name of person. Handle of person. Nickname of person.

"There goes XplOrOrOr, leader of some new guild."

- xplooored: Past tense of the Verb.

- xploooring: Verb describing the action.

- To xplooor: The act of partaking in this specific type of gamestyle/gameplay.

- xplooored: Can be used as followed.

- "I xplooored the new dungeon under the city of Qyenos."

See XplOrOrOr


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