What is Xpox?


A fast spreading disease. Highly Communicable among nerds, geeks, Gamers, and haxors, the disease is spread by contact of the game "Halo 3".

Symptoms include:



Rapid weight loss or gain

Atrophy of social life

atrophy of sexual life

Permanent damage to thumbs, eyeballs, and ears.

There is no known cure as of yet.

Nic>"I dont think I'll be able to make it in to work today"(deadly sounding cough).

Boss>"Oh? whats the matter? are you sick?"

Nic>"yes(cough)I seem to have caught the Xpox(sneeze) thats going around"

Boss>"Oh! well take all the time you need".

Nic>"Thank you sir(wheeze)Im feeling dizzy, I have to go now"

Boss>"Feel better. Bye" (hangs up)

Nic>(hangs up) "Sucker!"(Halo 3 music blares in the background)

See halo fever


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