What is Xpw?


A crappy federation that is a rip-off of ECW, and has very bad announcers and wrestlers

XPW is a horrible wrestling federation


A So-called "Wrestling" organization populated by weekend warriors and former ECW Wrestlers whom Vince McMahon didn't want, run by shitty Porn magnate Rob Black.

XPW isn't really wrestling, it's crap... nothing more than a bad ECW rip-off, and ECW's popularity was always small outsied of it's rabid cult of followers. Those who watch XPW usually have the IQ of mayonnaise. However, XPW is close to folding, so all will be right with the world soon.

XPW is shit.


A wannabe ECW. XPW was known for being a hardcore wrestling promotion that featured many violent matches.

boy 1: Which hardcore wrestling promotion is better: ECW or XPW?

boy 2: XPW! More violet matches and pornos.

See hardcore, xpw, ecw, extreme, promotion, porno, violent


Xtreme Professional Wrestling (X.P.W.) is a Southern California based wrestling company focusing on high-flying hard hitting wrestling action! XPWrestling is their official website.

XPW is the sh*t.


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