What is Xq?


spanish abbreviation for "por que?", where "x" is por and "q" is que.

xq you going to the beach?

xq vas a la playa?

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XO = Kiss Hug...

XT = Kiss Threesome

XQ = Kiss Quickie

Andy: XQ?

Matt: XQ?

Andy: Lets Do it..?

Matt: TOTM!

Andy: No XQ on totm!

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XO = Hug

XQ = Quickie

Short for sexual intercourse, oooh it's naughty!

Vicky: Hey Matt, XQ?

Matt: Sure babe.

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Emoticon for throwing up

Guy 1: did u see that guy taking a shit at the park? XQ

Guy 2: ive seen worse, like ur girlfriends friends dog. that thing is ugly as shit

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xylophone quartet. This is four xylophones that play songs together.

Dude, I've got xq practice after school!

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The way dyslexics read the Xp in Windows Xp

Dyslexic Person: Dang this Windows Xq is slow!

Non-dyslexic Person. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.


Inspired by the term HQ, used to define extreme queers in large proportions.

You are an XQ!

These XQ's are extremely queer!

Window's XP is XQ!


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